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Villa Lanterna animation

Bright, modern and elegant apartment for a young family by Espace team. The main task for us was to divide the two functional zones - the kitchen and the living room. That is why we used a sliding door system, which created an easily transformable space . Spectacular colors, soft textiles, a combination of marble and wood created an interior with a special character.

Villa Lanterna animation
Architecture / Design:
Alessandra Guanziroli
110 M2
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Villa Lanterna
In Laglio "La Lanterna" goes out, for light years of chatting and drinking in company.
A piece of the country (and of the heart) that goes away. In Laglio the redevelopment works of the historic La Lanterna restaurant bar are underway these days which, however, have also led to a partial demolition of the building of one of the most popular places in the country, but not only.
A stone's throw from Villa Oleandra, and also frequented by George Clooney when he could still afford the luxury of enjoying the lake without being chased by photographers and onlookers, La Lanterna was in the 80s a point of reference for young people who wanted to stay up late or , for the less young, to eat well and drink a glass in good company.
After the disappearance, in 2012, of the legendary owner Mira Taroni Folloni, the management of the restaurant had passed to her son Nearco and, after the latter's death too, the property had been put up for sale and today, after a long period of abandonment , is finally ready to be reborn with a new business.
So goodbye to a building that would have to tell who knows how many anecdotes but also the happiness of seeing life return to one of the symbolic places of the country, as told by the mayor Roberto Pozzi in a post on his Facebook profile that we report below.
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Animation services
Unreal Engine’s tools, like realistic sound system, powerful animation editor, great shader editor, advanced level design instruments and engine-based cinematics tools allow us to create realistic content
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Living room
Wider possibilities
With Unreal Engine we can create more realistic images than in ordinary static renders
P 04
Realistic details of space
Unreal Engine allows to create interior details with which you can interact
P 05
Drops on showerwall has as many details as in real life
P 06
Eye-catching cloth
You can reach realistic look of fabric and interior details
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Client feedback
I like the quality of the work, the professionalism, and the availability of the Suburbia studio to achieve the best results. The work was well coordinated and organized in every detail.

Giulia Casartelli
Alessandra Guanziroli Design
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